Store Policy

The following terms and conditions apply for all private rental spaces at the W Karaoke Lounge. Pursuant to the W’s policies and conditions. Pursuant to RSMO 315.005

Term & Conditions:

We ask that the privacy of other patrons, be it photography or video be respectful, and approved by management prior. Furthermore, there is a 100% prohibition on smoking in the building. If found smoking in the building, whether it be vaping or smoking the room holder will be fined a fee of $150. If a guest vomits in our establishment that will result in forfeiture of the host’s deposit plus a $150 fee for vomit clean-up in rooms. You can bring outside food and there is a 20 dollars charge for the cleaning fee. No outside drinks are allowed in the building, if you are caught with a bottle (whether it be a bottle of water to a bottle of alcohol) the room holder will be charged $150 per item found in the room, regardless of size. The alcohol will be confiscated and not returned.

We, at The W, have a strict 5 minute policy. You must exit your room within five minutes after the conclusion of your party, if you or your guests remain in the private room longer than the reserved time the host may lose their deposit.

Guest cans bring their own decorations. No confetti or glitter are allowed. The host will lose the deposit if the confetti and glitter are found in the room.

All ages are allowed to be in the room. However, no alcoholic beverage will be severed if there are minors in the room.

Each room has a room limit! You are expected to obey those room limits, if your party exceeds the room limit the host will be fined for each person the room goes over and the extra guests will be forced to remain in the common area.

Cancellation Policy:

  • ● In order to reserve a room we require your agreement to our terms & conditions, and the purchase of a
    single hour for your desired room. (Does not include Gratuity or Tax)
  • ● Small Room Deposit $58
  • ● Medium Room Deposit $88
  • ● VIP 2 Deposit $98
  • ● VIP 1 Deposit $108

The deposit is used to only hold the room and will not be applied towards the final room bill.

The guest will lose their half of the deposit if they do not cancel a week or more prior to their reservation, any cancellation that happens between the 1 day mark and the seven day mark will result in the loss of the full deposit. The deposit is used to only hold the room and will not be applied towards the final room bill.

Any cancellation that occurs within 24 hours of their scheduled reservation will result in the loss of the full room bill which depends directly on how many hours were reserved by the host.

We do allow a party to reschedule one time if need be , however we only allow this once and rescheduling more than once would result in the loss of your deposit. Any rescheduling that happens the day of the reservation will be treated as a cancellation.
Thank you, and if you have any questions please give us a call during business hours.

Deposit does NOT go towards the final room bill. The day of your reservation you will have to pay for the room total in FULL.

Damage Clause:

All rooms are inspected by W Staff before and after scheduled rental with renter. By signing this contract you are agreeing that any damage found in your rented room must be paid in full. Fine will be determined by the manager on duty. All fines are able to paid in Cash/Debit/Credit.


All room rental fees are to be paid in full of conclusion of scheduled rentals, along with required taxes and gratuity. This can be done with cash(us dollar), credit or debit cards.