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6655 Delmar Blvd, University City, MO, 63130

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The W 21 and up?

Our common area is 21 and up at all times, however the private rooms are any age (as long as they accompanied by and adult) from 4PM-8PM and then after 8PM we are only 18 and up. No minors are allowed in the common area.

Is outside food or drinks allowed?

You can bring your own food and there is 20 dollars charge for the service fee.

We do not allow any other outside drinks, and sneaking anything in would result in a $150 fine.

Can we come in early to decorate?

Yes, you can come in early to decorate, however it is best to call us to make sure we will have staff here, or to make the rooms ready for you in advance.

What kind of decorations are allowed?

We allow basically any kinds of decorations, however the only things we do not allow are glitter or confetti. Bringing any of these in would result in a $150 fine.

Is there a cover charge?

We have a $10 cover charge Friday and Saturday from 6PM – 12:30AM, but every other day we do not have a cover charge.

If I reserve a room do my guests still have to pay the cover charge?

If you have a private room, you and your guests will not need to pay the cover charge, however if you exceed the room limit then your extra guests will have to pay the cover charge, and will not be allowed in the room due to the occupancy limit.

Do you ask for ID?

YES, we ask everyone for valid ID.

Do you serve hookah?

No we do not serve hookah here.

Is smoking allowed inside?

No we do not allow smoking inside, nor do we have a smoking section.

Where are you located?

Our address is 6655 Delmar Blvd. We are located right between Enigma Tattoos and Seoul Taco.